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This Loan...
Loan Amount $10,000 - $500,000
Pre-Approval Time 1 - 3 hours*
Loan Term 1 - 36 months (Including term extension)
Suitable For:

Business starter
Established business
Commerical property use

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Eligible to almost every business
Easy criteria  Asset
Own a real estate property with mortgage owing 80% or less. The lower the mortgage owing, the higher the approval amount.  

Credit History
If you don't have good credit history we would still love to consider you as we believe in giving every Aussie a second chance
Do not meet the criteria? If you don't own any asset listed above, you may joint apply with an asset owner. (e.g. spouse, family, friend)
Interest Saving Features
Interest Rate

As low as 2.9% monthly.
Interest rate is extremely low considering maximum loan term usually is 12 months and not 30 years.

Save Interest by Pay-off loan early to save interest
Extra repayments to lower balance
Early pay-off Save interest (in most cases)
Flexible Repayments
Method Directly deducted from nominated bank account
Repayments Varies based on loan amount and term. On final approval, a low repayment plan will be provided to you for considation.

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All product features are subject to lender's approval. Morgan Finance will endeavour to keep product information up to date, however some information may be out dated.

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