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Application Process

  • What is a pre-approval?

    Pre-approved means that you have over 89% chance of successfully obtaining a loan based on the information you've provided (according to our statistics). There is no credit check for a pre-approval.

  • How to apply?

    1. Fill in the Pre-Approval form and get your answer within 5 minutes (24/7).
    2. Email/Fax or Post to us a few supporting documents. View Document Checklist
    3. Money will be transferred to your account after a quick document review

  • Am I eligible?

    To be eligible all you need is sufficient income to repay this loan, not too bad credit history and one of the following assets:
    Motor Vehicle (finance OK) 
    Real Estate Property (mortgaged OK)
    To make it simple for you, complete the fast Pre-Approval Form on your right!

  • How much can I borrow?

    It varies according to your repayment capability and the value of your vehicle/property. If you own a motor vehicle then borrow amount can be up to 50% trade-in-value of your motor vehicle. If you own a real estate property, in most cases your may borrow up to 95% of the property value less any mortgage owing.

  • How can I speed up the loan approval process?

    After pre-approval, provide all supporting documents for verification to speed up process and avoid delay.

  • How do I maximise my chances of approval? 

    Simply make sure the application form is filled in fully, and provide a clear supporting documents. In most cases, joint applications have a higher chance of approval. 

  • What happen after I apply?

    After you have completed your application form and have sent in all the supporting documents, we will immediately process your loan. Once your application has been reviewed and a contract has been signed, the money will be deposited in your bank account.

  • Interest Rates and Repayments

  • What are the loan repayments?

    We can assist you in tailoring an easy repayment option. All you need to do is let us know your desired repayment amount on application. On approval, repayment details will be emailed to you for consideration.

  • What is the interest rate?

    Varies based on risk factors. On final approval, competitive interest rate will be provided to you for considation.

  • Are there any fees involved if I pay out my loan earlier?

    Morgan Finance Australia believe in transparency. There are no hidden fees and charges for our loans. And best of all, loans can be paid-off early to save interest.

  • Will a credit check be listed on my file?

    For your peace of mind, no credit check will be carried out if you decide not to proceed after Pre-Approval. To ensure Morgan Finance Australia is compliance with credit law, a credit check will be done on applicants during final review of your application.

  • About Morgan Finance Australia

  • Will my privacy be protected?

    Absolutely. Your privacy is protected at all times. Morgan Finance Australia operate in a strict Privacy Policy to prevent 3rd parties or associated companies from accessing your personal information unless permission is given by you. 

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